Gasoline & Diesel Motopumps



Sumak Water Motors are produced with gasoline and diesel fuel, motors have low fuel consumption. Our 4 HP is ideal product in order to discharge drainage water and this product has easy transport design with wheels and barrow type easy and practical, small gasoline water motors is suitable for gardening habbits, also pratical usage with 7 meter suction height, 3” output diesel water motors are suitable for traditional flood irrigations, suitable for medium scaled irrigation. Our SYT32/5 D model multi staged water diesel motors are suitable for high pressure level requested house applications, gardening, small schaled traditional flood irrigations., Gasoline & Diesel Motopumps, Benzinli ve Dizel Motopomplar, Benzinli dizel farkı hesaplama, Benzinli dizel karşılaştırma, Benzinli motopomp, Benzinli motor nedir, Dizel motopomp nedir, Benzinli ve dizel arasındaki fark, Motopomp dizel, Dizel motopomp fiyat, Dizel su motorları, dizel su motorları motopomp, Benzinli ve dizel pompa