Silent Stage Jet Pumps


Our silent jet pump series that has casting body staged and suitable for silent environment has taken its place into our product range.

 These type of pumps are suitable for use as booster sets in the buldings up to 5 floors - 12 flats, procurement of clean water, villas and pavilions, petrol stations, consturctions, agricultural irrigation and pressure water supply to hydrophore system in sensitive environment because of suitable operation without noise.
Economical, long lifeterm and energy saving new series silent jet pumps can carry installation weight and has straight against becoming deformed because of having casting body.
Our products are offered to our customers with option of SMJK100/3 series 0.75 KW 1 HP, SMJK150/4 series 1.1 KW 1.5 HP, singlephase and three phase (220V – 380V)