About us

  Sumak Pump, which was established in 1992 to manufacture water pumps, is a 100% Turkish-funded company that designs, manufactures, markets, sells and supports after sales activities on electric panels and electric panels as a 6000 m² closed area water pumps and motors when it is day. In addition, SUMAK POMP A.Ş. has gained corporate identity by transitioning to its title. With its competent engineer, technician, mechanist staff and 185 employees in total, Sumak Pomp produces all of its products originally in its own production.


  Located at each stage of development of the pump industry in Turkey Sumak pump, technological development worldwide also get the application to follow and the kind of products developed for the needs of 980, bringing the annual total to have increased to 135,000 and exports to 48 countries.


  Sumak Pump has documented the products manufactured by TSE-TSEK-CE quality certificates in accordance with the international standards and regulations with the difficulty and sensitivity of working together with water and electricity contrary duplex. The product groups, which are under the guarantee of Sumak Pump, are offered to customers with 810 sales points and 175 authorized service networks in the domestic market.


  Sumak Pump, which has TSE-ISO-EN-9008 quality management system certificate, aims taking place among the top 3 companies in the domestic pump market and working with the vision of being among the top 5 exporting and best known companies, With R&D efforts, ensuring customer satisfaction with environmentally sensitive products and honest, respectful, quality service policy by moving the company's mission to the top level.