Our Quality Policy

Continuously improving our quality management system,taking our place among the pump brands in both within the country and abroad,achieving to provide exorbitant satisfaction between our dealers and ultimate buyer.

-Enhancing the quality by continuous improvement.

-Not contenting with existing conditions but also determining continuous improvement as our basic philosophy.

-Meeting the customer needs in time and as expected.

-Working as environment friendly conforming to environmental awareness and legal regulations.


Our goal is to be achieved an establishment that have open for improvement polity in the ever growing market,prefered and appreciated by the customers and employees and imitated by the competitors in addition to adopt the target-oriented polity.Therefore our aim is to increased the quality with improving current position in an every time,target to be “ all the best “ with customer-oriented  labour strategy,success to ultimate satisfaction with improving the customer relationship management all the time.


By providing and ever growing and initiator service and presenting the qualified and confidenced products in every kind of area that uses the water Supply and achieving to be the first prefered within the cause of the confidence between our customers