Complete Stainless Multistage Pumps With Vertical Axle

Regarding to produce local multistage stainless water pump in Turkey targeted project, requested R&D design works are finished and single local complete stainless pump manufacturing is started.
TUNGSTEN housing and CARTRIDGE TYPE MECHANICAL SEAL design by the side of INLINE and complete stainless production with very silent function complete stainless pumps designed is finished and documented with TS EN ISO 9908/A1  standarts.
Due to having complete stainless INLINE design where the water touches between 2.2HP-7.5Hp,Works very silent and suitable up to 155 meter height regarding in treatment facilities, food industry, hot water applications, also included booster sets up to 34 flats and 144 apartments. Our new product designed can bu suitable to use for 120C hot water applications.

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