Bige Pump

The bilge pumps that can be used in sea water and bilge water with clean water availavle to work with 12V battery and in very strick places around 5cm width.

Especially available to use in motor room backwaters discharging in yachts and fishing boats in maritime sector with the manuel models STN500 G - STN1100 G - STN2000 also automatic models and SKLD12 G chisel Submersible Pump models serial production has started.

When there is network electric supply is not exist, pumps are designed to work with 12V battery at car lighters in order to use in picnic areas, campings also no electricity time in basement and closed  parking areas for discharing of backwater discharge. SKLD 12 G Chisel pumps that has 38mm pump diameter also can be used for oil fuel and diesel discharge from barrels.