Mud Pumps

This type of pumps due to have 5.5HP and 7.5HP, 1450RPM and 3” outlet, is extremely suitable in order to discharging of fluids up to max 18 meter and 1.5-2.5 kg/cm3 density. The system with stainless agitator which mounted the pump shaft reduces the fluid density; provides economic solutions in the discharging in constructions, backwaters, heavy septics, tunnel works, barrage works, mines and sand areas. Sumak Pump is one of the leaders of submersible pumps and mud water submersible pumps manufacturers in Tukey.  The models of slurry water submersible pumps and mud pumps manufacturing in Turkey are SDT50/3C and SDT75/3C
The Control panel which is given with 10meter cable and float switch, can stop the pumps sticks or blokages, burning of motors with the activations of thermic, phase failures, working without water. Also electric motors with the (L1-L2-L3) Energy signs on control panel has high efficiency and thermistor protection.



Blade Septic Submersible Pumps, Mud Pumps