Pressure Tanks

Sumak Pump has the pressure tanks produced specially in accordance with international quality standards by the partner company in Turkey. These pressure tanks are used in Sumak’s booster sets and fire groups and distributed all over the country.
SUMAK pressure tanks are used as hydrophore pressure vessels in the booster systems where mains pressure is not enough and to avoid the damage of the indoor plumbing systems-heating installations caused by pressure of heated water. Also used as hydrophore expansion tanks in the hydrophores, which are used to supply pressured water to the buildings, to avoid frequent activation of booster pumps.
In addition, in the hydrophore systems energy saving is provided by controlling pump starting by hydrophore pressure switch setting and long-lasting and efficient operation of the booster pump is provided by right hydrophore selection.
When pressure tank heat circuit is on, heated and expanded water volume is accumulated in the hydrophore tank, then temperature falls, water returns back to installation and installation pressure is compensated by pressure switch setting. There is hydrophore membrane which is tank balloon filled with air and working as fuse, preventing the system not to affect working in opposite direction caused by expansion.
To provide requested water pressure continiously, hydrophore calculation should be done and appropriate pressure tank and membrane should be selected accurately. You can use Table-3 below to select Sumak pressure tank and hydrophore membrane.

Genleşme tankı

Genleşme tankı

Genleşme tankı


Expansion Tanks;

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خزانات التوسع :

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Расширительные баки;

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Δεξαμενές διασταλτικότητας

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تانکهای انبساط؛

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 विस्तार टैंक

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