We Extended Our Casting Body Vortex Impeller Septic Submersible Pump Series…

We have extended the series of our SDTV Series 3 and 4 HP 2” Output Vortex impeller products which we manufacture, and added our 2.2 HP (SDTV 20/2) model.

In addition, we completed the design period of our new products with 4 – 5.5 – 7.5 HP 3” output (SDTV40/3 – SDTV50/3 – SDTV75/3) and started mass production.

This type of pumps are suitable for discharging muddy water, rain flood water in channels and pits up to a maximum height of 35 m, and for use in ornamental pools with high flow. SDTV Series pumps are designed in accordance with a solid passage of up to 10 mm due to their vortex impeller and have taken their place in our stocks.