We have added our new products to Grinder Blade Septic Submersible Pump Series ...

We started serial production by adding SBRM19/2 - SBRT19/2 - SBRM19/2-P - SBRT19/2-P products to our Grinder Blade Septic Pump Series.


Septic submersible pumps with blades and grinder blades are available in single-phase (220V) and three-phase (380V) options. High altitude, 2” outlet submersible pump with grinder blade has been developed and added to our product range.


These types of pumps, which we started to manufacture with high altitude shredder blades, are septic pumps with grinder blades that allow to disintegrate and discharge non-solid particles in treatment facilities as a septic pump in sewage pits in hotels, construction sector, residential areas up to maximum of 13.8 m.