We Have Certificate Our Energy Saving Frequency Controlled Circulation Pump with TSE Certificate

  Approval for Frequency Controlled Circulation Pump, as in the whole product group, and started its safe production. By combining mechanics and electronics, our company keeps up with the new era and technologies, expanding its product range day by day and signing new projects. 1000 hours of thermal cycle work was carried out in the 40-day life test of our Circulation Pump project, on which we spent a lot of effort and care and which we have been planning for about 3.5 years. The energy efficiency test was carried out by keeping the circulation pump constant at 60° for 15 minutes by turning 110° automatically for 30 minutes, then resting for 15 minutes and keeping it constant for 1000 hours of operation. A second test was performed and no change was seen. Our EEI ≤ 0.23 Energy Saving and High Performance Frequency Controlled Circulation pump is suitable for use in many areas such as central heating systems, underground and wall heating systems. Serial production of our Frequency Controlled Circulation Pumps, which we have registered with TSE Certificate, has started for our valuable visitors.